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  • COROPad Magnetic Flex System 300x300
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    COROPad Magnetic Flex System 235x235
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    COROPad 300x300 6-pack
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    COROPad 202x202
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    COROPad 300x300
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    Compositum ABS AT™ 2.85mm

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    Manufacturer: HMF Chemical
    Shipment: 48 hours
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    Weight:1.40 kg
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    ABS materials are dedicated for industry and professional application in open and close chamber FDM 3D printers. Due to the excellent coherence of the layers, ABS AT™ is perfect for printing large and complex models without having closed or heated chamber. Models made of ABS AT™ filaments are very well machined and the strength of the internal threads is comparable to that of aluminum. Because of its very good self-lubricating properties, this Material is ideal for prototypes and production of the sliding elements.
    ABS AT™ provides a perfect lateral surface without any cracks. It has a significantly increased thermal resistance so that the prints do not deform and can work continuously at temperatures up to 100°C. The linear contraction determined on open printers does not exceed 0.4% and the impact strength of IZOD at -30°C reaches 8 kg•cm/cm.
    The ABS AT™ filament, as well as the entire Compositum filament family is characterized by a low emissions of volatiles and very low absorption of moisture, thanks to that the moisture absorbing substance is no required
    The strength tests performed on the printed samples represent real strength values of the material, obtained by FDM spatial printing.

    Recommended print settings:         
    Hot-End - 245-260°C
    No print cooling fan
    Hot-Bed– 90-120°C (COROPad), 100-120°C (C-Stick)
    Material weight: 1.0 kg +/- 5%
    Total weight: 1.4 kg
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