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COROPad 300x300 6-pack
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COROPad 202x202
Without Tax: 7.28 €
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COROPad Magnetic Flex System 235x235
Without Tax: 58.46 €
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COROPad Magnetic Flex System 300x300
Without Tax: 80.70 €
With Tax: 99.27 €
COROPad 300x300
Without Tax: 15.98 €
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COROPad Magnetic Flex System 255x255

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With Tax: 79.36 €

Manufacturer: CORO Technology
Shipment: 48 hours
Product avaliable (60 pieces)
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COROPad ™ Magnetic Flex System - is a solution that uses the well-known COROPad™ adhesive pad combined with a flexible plate and magnetic base. Designed to ensure the perfect adhesion of the printed models to the substrate and its simple separation after the completion of the 3D printing process.

In this system two main components can be distinguished:

COROPad™ Magnetic Base - is a magnetic base with an adhesive layer that allows it to be permanently adhered to the working table of a 3D printer. The magnetic base is used for fast and convenient installation of the second part of the whole system - COROPad™ Flex Plate, which is enough to put on the COROPad™ Magnetic Base
COROPad™ Flex Plate - is a five-layer flexible plate with ferromagnetic properties. The 3D printing process takes place directly on it and afterwards the COROPad™ Flex Plate can be removed and bent to simply separate the printed model from the COROPad™ substrate. The high-quality spring steel used as the core of COROPad™ Flex Plate allows multiple bending of the whole plate without fear of distortion. In addition, the COROPad™ is a replaceable element of the entire plate and can be replaced by the user in case it is worn.

    •    Easy implementation onto the bed, thanks to proper stiffness (30s.).
    •    Possible continuous operation at high temperatures.
    •    Sizes adapted to the most popular 3D printers.
    •    Standard sizes: 165x165, 155x235, 202x202, 165x255, 225x255, 255x255, 300x300.

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