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COROPad Magnetic Flex System 300x300
Without Tax: 80.70 €
With Tax: 99.27 €
COROPad 300x300
Without Tax: 15.98 €
With Tax: 19.65 €
COROPad Magnetic Flex System 235x235
Without Tax: 58.46 €
With Tax: 71.90 €
COROPad 202x202
Without Tax: 7.28 €
With Tax: 8.95 €
COROPad 300x300 6-pack
Without Tax: 82.73 €
With Tax: 101.76 €

C-Stick™ Adhesion Spray

C-Stick Adhesion Spray - next solution from CORO Technology, that eliminates the problem of removing printouts from the operating area of FDM/FFF 3D printers.

C-Stick Adhesion Spray was developed to be used with printers equipped with heated-bed. With the exponential growth in the adhesion force with regard to the temperature of the [work platform], it can be applied when printing with most of the filaments available on the market such as: ABS, ASA, SAN, HIPS, TPE, PET, PLA and other related types.

C-Stick™ Adhesion Spray
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