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  • COROPad Magnetic Flex System 300x300
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    COROPad 300x300
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    With Tax: 19.65 €
    COROPad Magnetic Flex System 235x235
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    With Tax: 71.90 €
    COROPad 300x300 6-pack
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    With Tax: 101.76 €
    COROPad 202x202
    Without Tax: 7.28 €
    With Tax: 8.95 €

    Design Filament Series™

    Design Filament Series™ is a line of economic filaments produced on the basis of granules modified for use in FDM spatial printing. It complements the offer of the technical line - Compositum Filament Series™ and is a response to the expectations of the brand's clients and the market. Due to the attractive price, filaments from the Design line allow to reduce the costs of manufactured parts, which are to be seen as illustrative, conceptual or also useful, but for which very high strength parameters - corresponding to the Compositum™ series are not required. At the moment the line of filaments Design includes three materials with the markings:

    • PLA FL™
    • PLA MT™
    Design Filament Series™
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